The Ben Affleck / Jennifer Lopez travesty “Gigli” is considered one of the worst movies of all time and one of the biggest flops of all time. It was so bad that over the 14 years since the film was released, it’s remember by more people than some of the better films of that year.

And it’s so bad that it inspired Belgian startup to create a script reading robot that can supposedly spot bad movies in the script stage.

Called “ScriptBook”, it analyses scripts based on metadata that it collected from thousands of movies and screenplays. They’ve already loaded the bot with 4,000 scripts and 10,000 movies’ worth of metadata, and they hope that all this data will help create an algorithm that can spot a bad script.

Not only does ScriptBook analyze the screenplay, it predicts how much the film will make at the box office.

The plan is to make the software available to Hollywood studios sometime next year. Whether the big-wigs at the studios will accept this sort of stuff is a whole other question.