La Caranada is one of those films you have to watch until the end to really grasp the meaning of it. Or rather, the meaning of its title (unless you’re Spanish speaking).

The 13-minute short film centers around the US Mexican border crossing, specifically, the mules who carry drugs from Mexico into the US. It follows a young boy living in the slums of Tijuana, doing what he can to get by and pay for his mothers medication.

One day, he gets an opportunity: carry this package to the US through the desert. “I’m not a mule”, the boy says, but with a sick mother and no money, he has no choice.

la carnada review

It seems straightforward, but drug smuggling never is. It’s hard to go deeper into the story without giving too much away, so please watch the short film below.

Shot in a realistic manner, showing the world of Tijuana as it is for most people living there, the handheld camera gives the audience a sense of being there, without drawing attention to itself (something most handheld-style films fail at). The editing in particular is very crisp and fast paced, without a moment of dullness in the 13-minutes of run time.

Watch LA Carnada below: