Hollywood producers and the Writers Guild of America recently settled on a new deal that sees writers of TV and films get paid more. And streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also closed a deal with the guild, whose members now see an increase in salaries.

For example, a writer who pens an episode of an hourly Netflix show will now get $34,637. Which means for a 10-episode run, Netflix will be dishing out almost $350,000 to writers, and that’s not counting the staff writers on the team who collectively come up with the stories and plots (for the most part).

And that’s not including residuals that writers earn after the episode airs.

However, not all writers of streaming shows will get that much money. As Deadline reports, writers of half hour Hulu shows will get just $3,448 — 10% of what Netflix pays its writers of hourly shows.

Deadline has a gull breakdown on the new residual structure for writers here.