The CGI effects wizards at Weta Digital reveal how they recreated Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 7 after he passed away in a tragic car accident in late 2013.

All of Walker’s scenes in the film were “acted out” by his brothers, and the artists at Weta used those shots as reference not just for movement, but for lighting, skin tone, and more.

A new video shows the many steps they went through to recreate Walker, and you’ll be surprised just how many fake Paul Walkers there are in Fast and Furious 7. Watch the video below.

You can check our more detailed Paul Walker VFX shots for a higher resolution reference.

The technology is staggering, and it’s only getting better. There’s still the weird “Uncanny Valley” effect that pops up, where no matter how “perfect” the CGI is, something is always off.

In a few years, this will likely be solved and famous dead actors will start appearing on movies everywhere.